An issue that is affecting many teachers right now is how to successfully implement differentiating techniques in the classroom. Educational reform in the United States, and other major European countries are all calling for teachers to differentiate their curriculum, meaning that they meet the academic needs of all their individual students. The problem is how to accomplish this when you have a class of 25 to 30 students? Schools and school boards are not providing the needed training in order to instruct teachers on the appropriate ways to differentiate their curriculum, and this is leaving many teachers feeling stressed and abandoned. Monica Burns, a NYC educator and Ed Tech blogger, has come up with the idea of using QR codes to differentiate curriculum. The idea works in two ways:

  1. Have a QR code take your class to a website with a list of questions to answer. Have several sets of questions ready, each varying in level of difficulty. Students will be sent to the appropriate set of questions, depending on their skill-level.
  2. Have QR codes support group work by assigning a specific code for each group. When studying say ancient Egypt, one group’s QR code will take them to a unit on the pyramids, while another group’s QR code will take them to a site on the Pharaohs. The teaching will set the level of difficulty depending on the skill level of each group.

This is a very interesting idea and it may prove to be a great way to differentiate curriculum for students. For more information please visit the article Using QR Codes to Differentiate Instruction.

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